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Care Highams Park

Care Highams Park is a local charity who offer neighbourly help – primarily transport, doing shopping, collecting prescriptions – to those needing it who live in Highams Park.  It is run by local churches but you do not need to be a church member to volunteer or to receive help.

020 8523 5955


CARE Lunch – On the first Sunday of every month, apart from January and August) the Church invites residents of Waltham Forest to lunch, giving guests an opportunity to meet and chat over a shared lunch.  Cost currently £3.50, including transport if required.  There is currently a waiting list.

Christmas Inn – On Christmas Day anyone living in Waltham Forest who is going to be alone is invited to celebrate as a guest of CARE.  Open to elderly couples, single parents with children, individuals and people with disabilities, completely free of charge, transport provided.

Volunteers always welcome, particularly drivers.  Help especially needed with cooking (CARE lunches and Christmas Inn) and transport, especially on Christmas Day.

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