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Speech from Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure

A speech from Shakespeare's  Measure For Measure by Sean Wilkinson of Drama Workshop of Waltham Forest.

Act 2 Drama

Act 2 is a drama school for ages 5-16.
Highams School of Dancing

Highams School of Dancing

Highams School of dancing is a mixed disciplined dance school, based in Highams Park, and established for over 50 years
Maypole Dancing

Highams Park Maypolers

A Maypole dance group of enthusiastic local volunteers has been set up and practice regularly in The Highams Park. They don't take it too...
Petite Productions

Petite Productions

Petite Productions are a performing arts company for children of all ages.
Raw Academy

RAW Academy

RAW is an established performing arts academy that provides weekly drama,singing and movement workshops for 5+ years.
Wanstead Players

Wanstead Players

Wanstead Players is reputed to be  the oldest amateur drama group in the East London and Essex.