HPPG consultation at French Market on Highams Park District Centre


Members of the Highams Park Planning Group (HPPG) will be at Highams Park Station car park at the French Market on Sunday 26th September from 10am until 4pm with headline drawings illustrating some aspirations in the Highams Park Plan for improvements to the appearance and feel of Highams Park District Centre (HPDC). So, if you have time on Sunday, do pop in and see us to share your opinions and ideas about Highams Park District Centre.

For the avoidance of doubt by Highams Park District Centre we mean Highams Park Station and the surrounding shopping streets.

We wil be working closely with the Council’s regeneration team on this project and with other strategic partners such as the GLA and TfL.

Following the feedback from the French Market, we will launch an online consultation for people to comment further. Don’t worry if you cannot make the French Market you will shortly be able to view the illustrations and ideas online and send us your feedback.

Following extensive consultations, the Highams Park Neighbourhood Plan (HP Plan) was approved by a referendum of residents and businesses in March 2020. A majority of 96% of residents approved the HP Plan and the policies contained therein. Following the referendum, it was the Highams Park Planning Group’s (HPPG’s) intention to consult with residents further on some of the aspirations included in the HP Plan but due to the COVID epidemic this was not possible in 2020 (or for most of 2021).

With the lifting of restrictions, HPPG’s committee have decided that it is now a good time to consult with people about some of the aspirations contained in the HP Plan, to see how people feel about the aspirations for Highams Park District Centre (HPDC) and to see what other suggestions people have for improvements to HPDC.

In May this year we applied to the GLA for funding under the ‘High Streets for All’ funding programme and were awarded a grant of £20,000 to help develop further some of the aspirations for HPDC, with a view to implementation by working with strategic partners, such as: Waltham Forest Council, The Greater London Assembly and Transport for London.

HPPG’s initial consultation will be a mixture of presentations and online questionnaires to ascertain what ideas have local support with a view to applying for a larger grant on 21st October to develop the concepts further.

Summary of aspirations for re-imagining HPDC
The principal objectives put forward in our funding bid for re-imagining Highams Park District Centre (HPDC) were as follows:

    • Repurposing the strategic location of Highams Park Station as an active community space in the heart of HPDC and as a base for regular community markets for local artists, crafters and producers. Through:
         a. Refurbishing some vacant rooms at the station as a small community hub.
         b. Remodelling the station car park to make it more pedestrian friendly with the             agreement of Arriva/TfL’.
         c. Holding more markets in HP station car park.


  • Encouraging niche shops and growing the night-time economy by:
       a. Upgrading of shopfronts and more decorative lighting throughout HPDC.
       b. Canopies outside shops – opposite and alongside the upcoming Regal development and/or on the Broadway to soften the appearance and encourage the night-time economy.
  • Resurfacing roads throughout HPDC in distinct colour or surface to alert drivers they are in an area of heavy pedestrian use.
  • Installation of a pedestrian crossing across Larkshall Road directly to the entrance to Signal Walk by Tesco to improve access and safety for commuters moving around HPDC.
  • Upgrading the play area opposite the Tesco store to encourage young families into HPDC.
  • Directly connecting Aldriche Way with HPDC via Signal Walk.
  • Encouraging vacant retail units to be used as pop-ups.

We will let you know when the drawings and questionnaire/feedback form are available for your to view and comment online.

This project is being supported by the Greater London Authority (GLA) High Streets for All Funding.