In the links further down the page you will find the response by the Highams Park Planning Group (HPPG) to the Council’s consultation “Shaping the Borough Waltham Forest Local Plan LP2 Draft Site Allocations Document”

In writing this response we have measured the Council’s proposals against the policies in the Highams Park Neighbourhood Plan and taken into account our consultations with residents of Highams Park over the past seven years.

You will note that the Council has only included two sites in the Highams Park area in their consultation document and has set development criteria for these sites. The sites are:

  1. Site: SA62 on page 190, being 472-510 Larkshall Road and James Yard  (running from Inside Job to the railway crossing); and
  2. Site SA63 on page 194, being 470 Larkshall Road (the  Shell garage site in Larkshall Road).

We are aware that there are other sites in the area that have development or regeneration potential (some of which have already been considered by developers). Because of this, we think it would be prudent for some of these sites to be included in the Council’s  Site Allocations Document along with guidelines as to what development can take place on these sites.

Just to be clear, we are not recommending these sites for development. By requesting that guidelines are set in the Council’s Local Plan for these sites, our aim is to try and prevent overdevelopment, and the potential adverse impact on the character of Highams Park,  should they be put forward for development at some point.

Links to HPPG’s response to the Council’s Draft Site Allocations Document Consultation and supporting documents :
HPPG Response – LBWF Site Allocations LP2 Consultation Response
Attachment 1 Potential Sites for Development in HP Plan Area
Attachment 2 Graphic showing location of the Land to the Rear of Larks Wood as Site A
Attachment 3 Letter of Support to FOAL – Green Space Designation

If you agree with our response, we encourage you to respond to the Council in your own name and support what we are suggesting. If you don’t agree, with our comments it is also important that you submit your views to the Council.

Please note:  two planning applications have already been submitted for development of two sections the James Yard site but this is a separate consultation by the Council which aims to set guidelines for the whole of site. HPPG submitted a response to one of the applications in July last year by Sherry Green Homes and is preparing a separate response to the other planning application by Atlantis Highams Park which was published on 5th October.

More information about the Council’s Site Allocations Consultation and how you can comment

On 24th September the Council began its consultation “Shaping the Borough Waltham Forest Local Plan LP2 Draft Site Allocations Document”. The consultation lists the sites across the Borough as possible sites for development and suggests what type of development may take place on these sites (including some in Highams Park).
This consultation gives local residents the opportunity to comment on the sites suggested by the Council for development.

You can find details of the consultation and how to respond by clicking on the link below:
Consultation Page for LBWF Site Allocations Consultation

If  you find it difficult to respond using the Council’s consultation portal, you can view the the site allocations document by clicking on the link below and respond by email to the Council using the email address

Please include this wording in the header of your email “Shaping the Borough Waltham Forest Local Plan LP2 Draft Site Allocations Document” And, please include your name and address at the foot of the email.

Click here to see a pdf copy of the Council’s consultation document: LBWF Site Allocations Consultation Document

You have until 14th December to respond to the Council’s consultation.

Prepared by the the HPPG Coordinating Committee 3rd November 2020