Joseph Homes at The Picnic in The Park


As part of their consultation with local people about their proposals for redevelopment of Highams Park Industrial Estate. Joseph Homes will be at the Picnic in The Park on Sunday 5th September to give people an opportunity to meet with them and share their views on the proposals.
Message from Joseph Homes:
Joseph Homes (in partnership with LaSalle Investment Management) are working with London Borough of Waltham Forest to develop a masterplan for the wider Highams Park Industrial Estate, alongside preparing proposals for the front portion of the industrial estate, Units 5-10. We held our first consultation for the emerging proposals in July 2021, the feedback received was positive and we will be holding further consultations later in the year.

At the Picnic in The Highams Park, we would like to take the opportunity to say hello to residents and local businesses and provide an update on the proposals. We’ll be happy to hear further feedback as well as people’s hopes and dreams for the site and surroundings, to help inform our proposals.

Please also see the feedback analysis from the first consultation by clicking on this link: Highams Park Industrial Estate – Website Analytics and Feedback Summary (July Consultation 2021)

Overall, there have been 108 feedback forms provided, however 17 were duplicates and therefore 91 feedback forms have been considered in total.
In relation to the masterplan feedback, we received 89 feedback responses, with 17% strongly agreeing and a further 26% agreeing.
There was no clear choice as to the preference to replace the industrial space but the most popular were tech companies, other non-industrial uses, offices and light industries respectively.
The most selected masterplan principle was to, ‘improve the public realm and recognises the pedestrian desires for access to key amenities’ being selected by 25 respondents.
In relation to the Units 5-10 Highams Park Industrial Estate, 31% strongly supported or supported the proposals with a further 31% neutral.
Respondents were very supportive of the proposals aim to increase employment opportunities on the site, with 68% of respondents strongly supporting or supporting the statement and a further 19% were neutral.
There were a variety of comments in relation to what could come forward within the masterplan, with there being references to ensuring that the height and design is in-keeping with the local area and that there is extensive landscaping across the site.