New window display at Hale End Library & Summer Reading Challenge


HPPG’s library group have installed a new window display at the Hale End Library. The window features  details of this year’s summer reading challenge ‘Wild World Heroes’ and a new book by local author Tharik Hussain ‘Minarets in the Mountains’

1. Summer Reading Challenge
The Summer Reading Challenge from the Reading Agency takes place every year during the summer holidays. Children read 6 or more library books of their choice and receive incentives along the way to encourage them. There’s a certificate for everyone who finishes the challenge.

This year the Summer Reading Challenge theme is ‘Wild World Heroes’.

The Reading Agency has teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to inspire children to explore ways of helping to save the planet.

With ideas from WWF, the challenge focuses on taking action for nature and tackling real- world environmental issues, from plastic pollution and deforestation to wildlife decline and nature loss.

Through taking part in the challenge, with free packs from our libraries, children will be able to join 6 fictional characters – ‘wild heroes’ – to help solve some of these threats, learning about the importance of the environment while helping to restore nature levels in the neighbourhood of ‘Wilderville’.

The challenge is free to take part – simply visit your local library during the holidays to sign up, and children will receive fun materials to get them started. Not a member of the library? Just take a bill with your address on and sign up for free on the spot.

Summer reading for adults as well. Get your holiday read at the same time. Lets stop the growing mountain of discarded books each year. Support your library, and support the environment, and give your eyes a holiday from screens!!

2. Minarets in the Mountains by Tharik Hussain
You can find out more about Tharik’s fascinating book by clicking on this link:

Tharik will also be holding a book signing at Humphry’s CafĂ© in The Highams Park on Saturday 31st July, so why not pop along and meet him in person.

The book on display at Stanfords in Covent Garden