The Highams Park Planning Group has written to the Council to register its objections to the planning application by Atlantis Highams for the redevelopment of 480 to 510 Larkshall Road (“James Yard”).

You can read a copy of the objection letter by clicking on the link below.

Objection Letter Planning Application ID 203040 – 480 to 510 Larkshall Road

Links to Attachments to Objection Letter:

  1. Attachment 1 Character assessment sub-area 9
  2. Attachment 2 Objection Letter redevelopment of 480 Larkshall Road Ref 191304FUL
  3. Attachment 3 HPPG Response – LBWF Site Allocations LP2 Consultation Response
  4. Appendix to Attachment 3 Potential Sites for Development in HP Plan Area
  5. Attachment 4 HPPG Response to Atlantis Consultation on 480 to 510 Larkshall Road

If you believe the proposal to be an overdevelopment of this site we encourage you to also object to this application. You can find out more about the proposed development  and how to object on the page below.

You can view more details, and images, of the proposed development and the planning application by clicking on the links below:

Link to application summary and pictures: Application Summary and graphics

Link to planning application documents: Planning Documents for Application ID 203040

A private developer “Atlantis Highams Ltd” has submitted a planning application, reference number 203040, for the James Yard site at 480 to 510 Larkshall Road, adjacent to Highams Park Station.

The existing buildings will be demolished and will be replaced by the erection of a five and six storey residential-led, mixed use development comprising 68 residential dwellings, a new station exit and commercial space.

Although the height is less than the eight stories proposed in the  consultation earlier this year, the Highams Park Planning Group still believes this to be an overdevelopment of the site and is preparing an objection letter.

If you agree that this is an overdevelopment of the site and that this building complex will overshadow the station and be detrimental to the character of Highams Park town centre, we encourage you to email your objections to the Council’s planning department  using this email address: using the reference Planning Application ID 203040 – 480 to 510 Larkshall Road.