Poppies for Library Remembrance Window

Poppies for Library Remembrance Window

This week volunteers from HPPG’s Library Group  will be setting up a community participation remembrance window at Hale End (Highams Park) Library.

We are hoping residents will participate by drawing/ colouring in or creating poppies to fill the black boards in the library window.  It would be lovely to fill the boards by 12th  November when the armistice day wreath will be placed inside ready for the Highams Park Society’s service on Remembrance Day.
Draw, colour, paint or create poppies. No larger than a5, in the library at the craft table, or at home and drop off at the reception desk at the library between 3rd November and 11th November.  Our volunteers will start putting them on the boards as part of the display.
Please note: the library does not open until 10am and is closed on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays)
Templates you can download and print off are shown below, but please feel free to be creative and design your own poppies. Please  make them size A5 or smaller, so we have space to fit them all in.