Online Art exhibition Covid 2021


Please find below a delightful online art exhibition of work by local artists.

HPPG’s Arts & Culture team (ARC) – aka Claire, Jade & Kerry put out a call for local people to submit work for this year’s virtual exhibition on Facebook and Instagram “Art in the Time of Covid ”. The art submitted was an eclectic mix of different media was posted between 22nd & 29th May 2021.

The Virtual Trail has now finished and we have created an exhibition page below so you can view their lovely and inspiring work as it appeared day by day.

12th June – Linda Bondy
A late addition, with apologies to Linda for forgetting to include her beautiful painting of a fox in the online exhibition…

22nd May – Eynon Jones
Kicking off this years virtual arts trail with @eynonjones piece
Here’s to the weekend. Pornstar martini served with a shot of Prosecco. Blood orange old fashioned and shot of tequila

22nd May – Ben Frearson
My wife and I wanted a picture to brighten up our sitting/dining room, we couldn’t afford the Monet painting so I painted my own version!!!

23 May – Ozgur Arabul
Beautiful resin pieces created during lockdown.

23rd May – Nigel Reynolds
This painting is called ‘Lilies’
And the image is shown with the kind permission of Lily Jarvis.
The inspiration was the contrast of the lily blooms against the dark of the wood burner.
We need inspiration during lockdown

23rd May – Planet Custard
Follow link
for an creative piece of animation “The Fruit Song” – Planet Custard Songs for Children (with lyrics)  by local artist @planetcustard

23rd May – Lee Martin
“It’s based on a selfie I took recently. I wanted to reflect the troubled times we’re all living through”
26th May – Sophie Bowman
Illustrations that I’ve created during the last year.
I did the first one, ‘Walk to School’ on the day that schools reopened after the second lockdown. The walk felt monumental that day, and so did the strange quiet that met me when I got back home.
I did the second drawing ‘Grandpa’s Stories’ with the hope that this close, much-missed contact with the grandparents could happen again soon.

26th May – Jenny L’Estrange
1. Still Life Linoprint
2. Forest Stream Linoprint

26th May – Alison Chaplin

26th May – woodenjungle
I started doing pyrography during the first lockdown and really enjoyed it. My passion for wildlife made me start and I carried on from there. I mainly create wood burnings of animals but also have done chopping boards with designs on and other bits and bobs! I also do commission based work as well so if anyone is interested then you can find me on my Instagram!
26th May – Jenni Allen
I’ve painted Highams Park.
“Highams Park Lake – Autumn” and “Highams Park Lake at dusk”.
27th May – Gill Roberts
Watercolours completed in lockdown, including Bella our cat.

27th May – Dorothea Schilling
27th May – Kaamilah Nahaboo
I’ve always loved the natural world and started taking my camera out on walks to photograph and learn about the fungi that was popping up everywhere. This inspired some embroidery pieces, which is a craft I’ve enjoyed doing for a few years. The power of nature and creativity combined really helped during that time.
“Creating in the time of Covid” art trail from my photo project and embroidery hoops. (The red toadstool is Amanita Muscaria, known as Fly Agaric).

29th May – Linda MacDougall
Artwork name: Sisters
Sisters is an 24 x 36″ acrylic painting on canvas. The idea came because I have friends from all over the world and we support each other and lift each other up. #positive women power
29th May – MIllie MacDougall
Title: Thoughts
Size: 20 x 30″
Thoughts is an acrylic painting on 20 x 30″ canvas. I usually find my artwork becomes more open to interpretation when there’s no planning and it is painted spontaneously, this painting is the result of that. In my opinion the myriad of colours represents the different emotions we feel on a daily basis. I had also decided to leave the figures face obscured, taking away her identity and thus making her more relatable to viewers.
29th May – Lara Somers
Please find below two of my paintings, one of my late neighbour, Herbert Morris, who lived next door in Montalt Road,
but who sadly died not long after this was painted. I was privileged to show him his portrait before he died, and he loved it. He was very ill, and when this picture was painted, he had just had a blood transfusion, and the beautiful colour of his cheeks prompted me to paint it for posterity. He was the most wonderful friend and neighbour and we still miss him.
We loved him dearly.
The second picture is one of my rescue dogs. His name is Daniel, and he is from Thailand. He was found dying in a Bangkok street, covered in ticks, with alekia and asmoplasmosis diseases, starving and desperately underweight and weak. Our friend, Kim Cooling, who is Founder of Animal SOS Sri Lanka, (who was recently honoured by Boris Johnson at the House of Lords for her incredible work with the street animals of Sri Lanka), found him, brought him to the UK, and we fostered him for 18 months, but loved him so much that Kim said we should keep him. It was the best gift of our lives, and he is the most loving and gentle of souls. We are so privileged to have him with us
My name is Lorna Somers and I am 76 years old.
I am a resident of Redbridge and have lived in the borough since 1967.
I am a retired air stewardess and have travelled very extensively. About four years ago I had a sudden urge to paint, although I have never had a lesson, and I am a self-taught amateur. These are two paintings that I have done for pleasure, although I have actually sold two, and my latest effort is of a peace lily, which is a work in progress for a friend. I feel very privileged to be allowed to offer my work for inclusion in your Art Trail.

There will be a joint exhibition in Hale End Library between Saturday 12 June and Saturday 10 July 2021, which features paintings by four very talented local Highams Park artists. Examples of their lovely work are shown below, if you like what you see , why not pop along and see more at the exhibition.
29th May – Mary Dunhill
A beautiful piece by the late Mary Dunhill, submitted by her daughter Melanie. Mary was an accomplished artist and well known local historian.
29th May – Christine Loze
29th May – Cathy Dellar
29th May – Bob Dellar