This year’s Arts Trail was cancelled  due to the lockdown, so the Arts & Culture team (ARC)  – aka Claire, Jade & Kerry put out a call for local people to submit “Art in the Time of Covid ” for a virtual exhibition on Facebook and Instagram. The art submitted was an eclectic mix of different media by both adults and children and was posted daily during May.
The Virtual Trail has now finished and we have created an exhibition page below so you can view their lovely and inspiring work as it appeared day by day.
3rd May – Brett Banks
I work mostly in stone and wood, initially taught by way of adult education for wood and by workshops with Zimbabwean stone sculptors stone.
4th May – Eynon Jones
Downtime has allowed me to rediscover a love through illustration. Creativity has been important to keep sane!
5th May – Dzintris Liepa
The shot is a view from Santa Monica, a seagull is flying against a background of smoke from the forest fires drifting in across the bay from the direction of Malibu.
6th May –  Ben Frearson
An amazing sign at the front of his house on Larkshall Crescent in support of the NHS.
“I created the sign using recycled materials and some blue electrical tape!”
7th May – Clara Clifford (age 7)
8th May – Ira Clifford (age 5)

9th May – juliet_doodles
Inspired by a Green woodpecker she saw during her daily exercise around the Peter May playing fields.

“Observing and being around nature definitely helps keeps my anxiety”

10th May – Nigel Reynolds
Nigel work in oils on board and paints scenes of Highams Park lake landscape at various times of the year. His inspiration is Hester Berry, Colin Halliday & Tai Shan Schierenberg.

11th May – Millie MacDougall
‘Flower Girl’ is an acrylic canvas painting which was a part of a series of paintings I had created which focused on a mash up of themes such as mental health and social media. I wanted it to be symbolic of how it can sometimes be the beautiful things in life that are destroying us. For example, nowadays many people use social media and that has been shown to sometimes have a negative effect. It’s easy for someone to look at someone on Instagram and wish that they looked like that or had their life without knowing what’s going on beyond the photo.
People look at the photo and sometimes feel they have to change things about themselves. They’re willing to destroy their mind and physical body to fit society’s idea of perfect.
Flower Girl

12th May – Rebecca Mear
This piece is a collection hundreds of dots to form a floral design based on vintage botanical diagrams and postcards.

13th May – Jack Hewitt
“Having more free time has inspired me to discover entirely new ways of painting portraits, and now I’m painting more than ever!”

14th May – Nick Galvin

Slide 1: Study for an empty road. 2019. Oil on board. 10″x8″.
Slide 2: Astronaut study. 2019. Oil on board. 14″x10″.

15th May – Eric King
Photographs taken at different stages and locations in lockdown,”I feel like they are a good exploration of the nearby Highams Park”

Slide 1 Nearby
Slide 2 Curious
Slide 3 Shimmer

16th May – Rosie Rallings
Sketches by local synchronised swimmer Rosie Rallings, who’s obviously been missing her underwater views!!

17th May – Isabella Newton (age 7)

18th May –  Jackson Rain (age 11) 
A Sewing project

19th May Elliot Rain (age 7)
A sewing and project with design!

2nd June – Neil Prime
“I am currently drawing and painting picture associated with seances”.

‘Ectoplasm Woman’