Highams Park Planning Group

The Highams Park Planning Group
The Highams Park Planning Group

The Highams Park Planning Group (HPPG) is a community group with around 1200 members who are involved in many different activities around the Highams Park Area; including amongst others:

• Creating a neighbourhood Plan for the area to reflect how local residents would like to see the area develop.
• Refurbishment of the derelict building in The Highams Park as Humphry’s Café
• Funding for improved shopfronts and lighting in Highams Park District Centre
• Ongoing conservation works at Highams Park Lake and the surrounding woods
• Organising annual events: The Christmas Fayre, Art Trail and the Vintage Market; as well as assisting the Friends of the Highams
Park with the Spring Festival and the Picnic in the Park
• Four concerts a year at All Saints Church
• hSpark Internet Radio
• Art around Highams Park: the Barn Owl wall mural in River Walk and the Wild About Highams Park Animal Sculpture Trail
• Installation of little free libraries around the town.
• Fund raising and installation of a defibrillator in Humphry’s Cafe

Membership is free and open to everybody.

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The Highams Park Neighbourhood Plan Boundary
(marked in blue in the map below)

Highams Park Neighbourhood Plan Boundary