Wildlife Photographs at the Lake

Please find below some pictures of the lake and bird life taken by local people over the last couple of years

Walk Along The River Ching

If you are stuck at home and cannot get out, click on the link below to enjoy a virtual tour of the River Ching...

Highams Park Lake

Highams Park Lake was once part of the “Highams Estate” and was created by the famous landscape designer Humphry Repton, in 1794.
Epping Forest - Great Sale Wood - Highams Park

Epping Forest

Formerly part of the much bigger Royal Forest of Waltham, Epping Forest is an extensive tract of ancient woodland of 2,400 hectares which spans...
The Highams Park

The Highams Park

The Highams Park is an area of 28 acres lying just east of Highams Park Lake with entrances from: Tamworth Avenue, IG8 9RF; Henry's...

Woodford Golf Course and the Lops

This is an area of metropolitan open space to the north of Chingford Lane and bounded further to the north by the Borough boundary....

Larks Wood

Larks Wood is a remnant of the ancient woodland of Larks Wood which once included the nearby Ainslie Wood. It is a beautiful wood...
Vincent Green

Vincent Green

Vincent Green is and attractive green close to Highams Park town centre situated between on Vincent Road to the north and the River Ching to the south.

Memorial Park

Address: 212 Chingford Mount Rd, London E4 8LRA Council owned park just outside of Highams Park with tennis courts, a bowls club and a...
Ainslie Wood

Ainslie Wood

Ainslie Wood is a pretty little patch of woodland that of around 2 acres. The woodd can be accessed from Ropers Avenue at the...