Nadia Thompson: Exhibition at Humphry’s Café (now ended)


The latest exhibition at Humphry’s Café is by local artist Nadia Thompson.

Nadia is an instinctive artist who takes inspiration from the world around her. She has a very tactile practice and likes to physically connect with the piece she’s working on. Acrylic, spray paint, cloth, paper and card all mix together with light, colour and meaning to form her pieces. She often works to rhythmic sounds, making her art feel at times almost meditative in its creation. A lover of swimming and yoga, much of her art incorporates soothing tones of wavy movement that draws the viewer in, which she then juxtapositions against sharp edges, repeated patterns and bold colour in an attempt to reinvigorate the mind.

We have included a few of Nadia’s exhibits below. If you like what you see, why not pop into Humphry’s Café and see the rest of the exhibition.

If you are interested in buying some of Nadia’s work you can contact her on: