Waltham Forest Community Help Network

The Council has organised the  Waltham Forest Community Help Network to provide assistance to people during the Covid 19 outbreak.

Covid19 Business Advice

The Council has set up a page with the latest updates and support for local businesses during the Corvid19 pandemic.

Highams Park Plan Approved

We are pleased to advise that the Highams Park Plan was approved by local residents in the referendum on 5th March by a majority of 96% in favour.

COVID19 Anxiety Advice

If you are suffering from anxiety please read this article by Dr. Georgina Clifford

COVID19 Support Group

The aim of the  COVID19 Highams Park Support Group is to reassure our friends and neighbours that no one is on their own here and together we can  help each other.

HP Events Postponed

Given the current circumstances and the expected peaking of the Covid 19 epidemic over the next two months.

Last Holiday Film

Message from the Highams Park Society: This month, the Highams Park Society (HPS) Film Club is showing a film that differs from the one on the original programme.

International Women’s Day Event

To mark International Women's Day on Sunday 8th March, members of the Highams Park Planning Group led by Dr. Georgina Clifford

Survey on Highams Park Town Centre

During 2020 the Council’s Regeneration and Business Growth Teams will be working together to create High Street Strategies for the three town centres in...

Please Vote Yes on 5th March

About the Referendum & FAQ The Highams Park Planning Group (“HPPG”) requests you to vote “Yes” to the Highams Park Neighbourhood Development Plan (“Highams Park...