New Exhibition at Humphry’s Cafe


To mark people being able to go inside Humphry’s again, we have arranged a new joint exhibition at Humphry’s. It features some lovely work by local people with some paintings by Nigel Reynolds and a display about Ian Brown’s new children’s book, Albert Upside Down.

There are a few sample pictures and some information below about Nigel and Ian but if you are going to Humphry’s over the next few weeks, don’t forget to check out the exhibition.

Nigel Reynolds Exhibition:
Nigel Reynolds is a local artist. After a career in business Nigel turned to art when he retired. He is a graduate of Waltham Forest Adult Learning and has since graduation been trained by notable artists, Tim Benson (portraits), Hester Berry (landscapes) and John Skelcher (watercolours and drawing). Over the last two years Nigel has shown his work in six exhibitions, in both physical and online settings.

In the first part of lockdown Nigel was taking inspiration from local views he saw whilst taking daily exercise with his dog Beauty. He produced a series of landscapes in oils. It was those landscapes that formed the collection for his first exhibition here at Humphry’s. That exhibition was titled Lockdown Landscapes.

This is Nigel’s second exhibition at Humphry’s. It is titled Internet Inspirations. The second lockdown has been over the winter when walking a dog was less inspirational. Nigel has turned to the internet for his inspiration, studying online the styles of masters. This collection reflects a range of medium. So the Internet Inspirations includes, pencil drawings, pastels, watercolour, acrylics and oils.

Nigel hopes this variety of styles and mediums will mean viewers will find a painting they like at a price they will like.

A former journalist, Ian is a long-time writer and producer for television. His credits include The Simpsons, Top Gear, This Is Your Life, The South Bank Show and writing for hundreds of household names.

This is the first in a series of books inspired by the family pet tortoise. It tells how garden creatures have to come to Albert’s rescue when he ends up on his shell. For 3+ and tortoise fans of all sizes, with charming illustrations by Eoin Clarke, the book has themes of kindness, the importance of teamwork and helping others.

“Written long before the pandemic, little did I know the idea of helping others get back on their feet would be so important when the book came to be published,” said Ian.

For those interested, the book is also available to buy from Highams Park’s  V and A bookshop opposite the station.

More information on the book and real Albert can be found at: