New ‘Little Free Library’ at Humphry’s Café


The Council has installed a little free library at Humphry’s Café in The Highams Park. The idea is you can just take a book away to read and put it back when you’re done. If you have some books you no longer want or have room for please feel free to pop them in the box for other people to enjoy.

The Council said we could decorate the exterior of the box and we would like to extend our special thanks to local artist Liz Jones who has done a wonderful job of decorating the little free library with  beautiful scenes of the lake and the birds you may expect to see there.

You can see from the images below what a beautiful job Liz made of painting the Little Free library.

There are now nine ‘Little Free Libraries’ around Highams Park and you can find their locations on this link: Little Free Library Locations

How the Little Free Library looked before Liz painted it