HPPG consultation on the Michael Mallinson Centre


You can take part in the survey by clicking on this link: https://tinyurl.com/Mally-Consult-June23

The survey will be open to responses until 15th July.

Waltham Forest Scouts have decided that they no longer wish to lease the Michael Mallinson Centre (‘the Mally’), as it has outlived its use and does not meet their current needs.

Waltham Forest Council (LBWF) are the landlords of the site and are aware of the community’s interest in this unique site given its location in a serene woodland environment and the site’s potential. Highams Park Planning Group (HPPG) are in advanced discussions with LBWF to agree an Agreement to Lease which would support HPPG taking over the lease and opening the site up for use by the wider community.

Before making plans for the Mally it is very important that we establish clearly how people think this site could be used by the community. So, we would like to hear the views of as many residents as possible about how this site could be utilised and would be most grateful if you would take a few minutes to answer a short questionnaire.