Meet the author of Tree Spirits’ at Humphrys’ – 14th October from 2.30 pm


The book TREE SPIRITS is for 3 -8 year olds and inspires creativity and imagination in children. It helps them to see and visualise our world in non-obvious ways and introduces them early to an understanding of their own inner spirit and feelings: key skills for early childhood development and crucial for lifelong success.

The engaging rhyming text, unique format and photographs by Louise Wannier and peek-a-boo illustrations by April Tatiana Jackson spark inspiration and creativity as the book opens with “What do you see when you look up at this tree?”.

The inventive format with acetate overlays of whimsical characters inspired by the lines and shapes of the tree bark gives a unique peek-a-boo experience, as a child turns the page and first sees the tree and is asked “What do you see when you look up at this tree?” then with the next page, an (often surprising) and creatively charming creature appears on the tree through the overlay.

The images encourage children to truly see and connect with nature while the text introduces them to the illustrated animal characters and how they are feeling. From the happy alligator to the sad elephant and curious little mouse, ten charming illustrations and text help to develop emotional intelligence, an understanding of their feelings and encourage them to develop empathy.

TREE SPIRITS ends with the encouragement to “…walk around where you live and find a few more. Readers can use the tracing paper we have included to try drawing some of their own.” It also includes a section at the back with some more photographs for them to explore and imagine for themselves.

TREE SPIRITS is a book you read with a child, as opposed to one you read to a child, as the interactivity fully engages their interest. It stimulates the imagination by offering examples of what imagination is. “All their ideas are good ones…what do you see?”.

Louise is originally from England but now lives in the US and will be coming to the UK this September and October on a book tour to introduce TREE SPIRITS after successfully launching in the US last year. She will be doing readings in schools, parks and bookstores across the country.