New Signage and Viewing Platform at Highams Park Lake


You may have spotted the new signposts around the woods in Highams Park and the new viewing platform at the lake.  These installations were accompanied  by works to clear scrub and undergrowth around the lake, so as to improve views across the lake; and also to increase airflows across the lake to help with oxygenation thereby improving its health and biodiversity.

These enhancements to the area are part of a collaborative project between the Highams Park Snedders (volunteers from  the Highams Park Planning Group) and the Epping Forest Conservators. The project was made possible by grant funding  from City Bridge Trust.

The signage is intended to provide wayfinding for people in navigating their way through Epping Forest from Mill Plain, by the Waterworks Roundabout, down through Walthamstow Forest, Oakhill Wood, Little Sale Wood, past the lake and through Great Sale Wood to the Woodford Golf Course and beyond. You can find out more about Epping Forest in the Highams Park area by clicking on this link: Epping Forest in the Highams Park area

The new viewing platform is connected to The Highams Park by a new footpath so as to make the lake more accessible and to enable people to enjoy the views all year round.

The project also included the addition of two new litter bins to mitigate the unsightly littering by the lakeside (one on the landing stage by the boathouse and one by the new viewing platform).

We hope you like and enjoy these enhancements and we should like to express our gratitude to the Epping Forest Conservators and  City Bridge Trust for their support and the Highams Park Snedders for their hard work and dedication to this project.

You can see some pictures of the stunning views that have been opened up at Highams Park Lake by clicking on this link:  Views at Highams Park Lake

We have included some pictures of the project below below.

Installing the signposts
Installing the viewing platform and path
The new bins and bench
Clearing a glade
The Snedders enjoying a break after a mornings work