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Visit our shop 7a The Avenue, Highams Park, London, E4 9LE

Phone: 020 8550 0333

Email: sales@lfsuk.com

Website: lfsuk.com

A visit to LFS Upholstery & Interiors, Highams Park

On a warm Spring day, I visited the sunlit offices of LFS Upholstery & Interiors at the end of the parade on The Avenue, close to Highams Park railway station. I met Managing Director Michael Cohen and Tracey Woolf, Sales Executive.

Armed with coffee and fruit cake, we sat down to chat. A magnificent purple sofa shone in the shop window. Two old dining room chairs stood by the door, one beautifully restored and recovered with a stunning, multicoloured striped fabric. A hot pink blind hung on one wall dressed with floral patterned curtains, while in the far corner beckoned a sitting room chair upholstered in becoming shades of pale and lovely fabrics.

What does LFS do?
We provide bespoke upholstery, curtains and blinds, fabrics and design, and can restore and reupholster all kinds of furniture. We do everything in size and scale from a single footstool to sofas and armchairs, bedroom furniture including headboards, and curtains, blinds and shutters.

We also do commercial work including work for hotels and restaurants and are part of projects which turn old factories and workshops into shared work spaces. Many of our customers are in Greater London and the surrounding areas, for example including Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire as well as further south. We can deliver further afield for example to Edinburgh.

What’s the process?
A key thing is to give you something that you really like. Sometimes people bring us a photo of something they’ve seen online or out shopping, or somewhere they’ve been or stayed, or a picture from a magazine and say, ‘Can we have something like this?’ and that’s fine! Off we go!

We look carefully at the size and shape of the room and make sure that you can get anything big like a sofa into your room. We bring pattern books and samples, or you can visit and go through all our stuff here. Our experience and skill come free, so we encourage people to have a chat early on and of course they are free to go anywhere afterwards, there is no obligation.

It is a chance to say what you really would like, for example some people want furniture to be higher or lower, or with small or large arms, or need to be able to put their feet up. We design this in for you as we go along so you aren’t limited by ‘off-the-shelf’ furniture.

Do you work within a budget?
What we do is sit down with you and ask you what you want, what you like, what the budget looks like and the constraints, and what you would ideally do if only you could! We then work out a plan where you can choose between a few different options, prices, looks and so on. We might be able to reduce the costs of some individual items or components, for example we get some good discounts.