Hedgehog Monitoring Project in The Highams Park – Volunteers Needed


The Council is working with TCV on a hedgehog monitoring project in parks across the borough and has asked HPPG if we would be prepared to assist with this project in The Highams Park. In order to assist HPPG are looking for volunteers to take ownership of the project.

The project wil involve be placing footprint traps and/or camera traps around the park  (in locations agreed with TCV) and regular monitoring of the traps, i.e. checking them at least every couple of days and sending data to TCV (absence of hedgehogs is still data!).

For the project to work the data collection to be consistent and will need a small team of committed volunteers to monitor the traps and report the data. if this is something you feel like you can commit to then please email highamsparkplan@gmail.com.

The traps will be provided by TCV, who will review whether the site will be suitable for camera traps, footprint traps or both on a case by case basis.

If we are able to establish a monitoring group, TCV will then deliver a small webinar to  work out the details of the monitoring will work.

The camera traps will come with a few extra responsibilities about taking care of it and sending TCV data, but both will require some commitments in this regard.

Please do not sign up for this project unless you are willing to commit to regular data collection and have the time to do so.