HP Litter Pickers

HP Litter Pickers

Litter Picking Dates:
The next litter picking session will be in support of the Borough’s Blue & Green Spring Clean 2024 on Saturday 16th March, we will meet at Humphry’s Café in The Highams Park  at 11:00am.

Some volunteers from the Highams Park Planning Group (HPPG) set up the litter picking group to help keep Highams Park clean and tidy. We run regular litter picking sessions and everyone is welcome to come along and help. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent, carer or guardian at all times.

We provide all the necessary equipment but we suggest that you wear sturdy footwear and old clothes if you come along to help.

We don’t clear up fly tips but we have provided some guidance at the bottom of this page. on how to report a fly tip if you see one.

If you want to volunteer to help, please email: highamsparkplan@gmail.com and we will put you on the mailing list and let you know where and when the sessions will be.

We will also do “pop up” litter picks in between to deal with any litter hotspots that occur  and we will notify people through emails and by Facebook posts.

Reporting fly tips
Waltham Forest Council deals with fly tips on the streets and other Council land but the City Corporation is responsible for fly tips in Epping Forest.

If you see a fly tip on public/Council land please report it using this link to the Council’s website where further guidance is provided: https://walthamforest.gov.uk/content/fly-tipping

If you see a fly tip in Epping Forest (which includes Highams Park Lake but not the nearby park) please report it to the Epping Forest Conservators using by emailing:
Please note:
Ainslie Wood, Mallinson Wood, Larks Wood and The Highams Park are not part of Epping Forest and any fly tips should be reported to Waltham Forest Council.

Our partners
With special thanks to Clean Up UK who have lent us the equipment for the litter picking sessions and the team at Waltham Forest Council who provide us with bin bags and collect the refuse bags for us after each litter pick.

Pictures of Litter Pick on 17th April, 2021


Pictures of Litter Pick on 22nd February 2020

Litter pick volunteers 22 Feb 2020
Pile for Collection Mill Broke Mews


Pile for Collection Armstrong Avenue

Here’s a few pictures of some of the HP Litter Pickers and their hauls after the litter picks 2019:

Litter Pick 26th October, 2019
1st September 2019 Ching Path – Brookfield Estate
1st September 2019 – The Highams Park
Litter Pick 28th July 2019
Litter Pick 28th July 2019
Litter Pick 16th June 2019
Litter Pick 16th June 2019